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Words, text have a lot of secrets. Let’s try to reveal some of them.

For years I have been mastering my language skills. Now I would like to participate in projects that are ambitious, need fresh ideas and really good text.
If you have fresh, interesting ideas and you want to realize them - contact me. For example, if you want to create a comic book, but you haven't got a script - contact me. If you want to make a movie, but you need a little bit of inspiration - contact me.
I write in Polish (I studied Polish language and literature), but we can easily communicate in English to realize some projects (e.g. graphic, short movie, video clip or comic books – I can translate Polish text into English dialogue).
For now on my page I’ve got texts only in Polish, but I’m looking for someone who could translate my works into English. So, if you want to help me and get some experience in translation, just send ma a messege (adam.kolasa1[at]gmail.com).

I want to make interesting, really well - prepared projects with open-minded, creative people. So, if you want to do something interesting, just send me a messege. I’ll answer every question.
If you have an idea – just tell me about it, I’ll do everything within my power to help you in realizing the project.

Get more information about me - find me on:

I’m writing about current projects that I want realize in Projects/Projekty section, where I’m describing them in Polish and also in English. So... check out what I want to do and mail me what do you think about it. Remember – I’m open to every proposition.
Write to me, together we can create unforgettable things!

E-mail: adam.kolasa1[at]gmail.com